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After School Sewing Course 4 weeks


Description:A 4 week course suitable for age 10+ - 17
We will be learning how to use a sewing machine make a tote bag, pencil case and a small purse. Each session is 1 1/2 hour

Week 1

Introduction to a Sewing machine

Different stitches and their uses

Sewing straight lines

Sewing round corners

Different types of fabric and needles


Week 2

Make a tote bag

Measuring and cutting fabric

Identifying the grain of fabric and other useful sewing terms

Hemming and finishing off


***Bring bag fabric of choice & thread to match ***


Week 3

Make a pencil case / zipped pouch

Putting in a zip

Top stitching

*** bring fabric and a 25cm / 10 inch zip & thread to match)


Week 4

Make a wallet

Sewing a button whole & button

Inserting lining

*** bring fabric & matching treat. A button ***

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