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Projector Sewing

Projector Sewing / Cutting

Confused by PDF patterns?

Fed up with PDF patterns?

Hate printing and sticking PDF patterns?

I have the perfect solution! Projector sewing! 

Most pattern companies now offer PDF versions of their patterns. A PDF is a computer file of the traditional paper pattern. Often they offer is in various paper sizes, A4 for printing out at home, A0 for print shops and then - Projector files!

So what it the difference?
Well, A4 means you print (possibly many!) pages at home and stick them together before either cutting out the size you need or tracing it. 
A0 requires you to send it to a professional printer who has the facilities to print large sheets of paper. Then you either cut or trace. 

The projector does away with all of this! It doesn't matter if the format it A4, A0 or Projector!

Once the pattern is on the Studio computer it is then projected onto the cutting table and you can either trace it out ; or simply cut the fabric!


How do I get the file to the studio?
Either email me the PDF (anna@sewmanythingsdorset.com) or bring it on a memory stick
What if the pattern piece is too big for the cutting table?
Easy, we mark the piece and move the pattern piece and fabric
What if I need to make adjustments to the pattern?
Contact me as it depends on the adjustments you need to make. Lengthening / shortening are relatively easy but if you need to do a FBA it would need to be manipulated on a computer. I use Inkscape as it is free.
The pattern I have only offers A4 printing, how does that work?
Again the pattern will need some manipulating. I use PDF Stitcher as it is free and works well. If you are unsure how to use it email me the PDF file and I will manipulate it accordingly.
The pattern I have comes in lots of different sizes, won't it be difficult to see the size I want?
More and more designers are now incorporating 'layers' in their PDF files. this allows you to turn off the sizes you don't need If your file doesn't allow this I can manipulate the pattern and delete the sizes not needed. This takes some time so I may have to charge for doing so. Contac me for advice. What is the difference between an A0 file and a projector file?
A projector file has thicker lines that are easier to see. The text and any markings  on the pattern pieces are in a larger font  and easier to see. Pieces are mirrored which allows you to either cut on the fold or the flat which is great for pattern matching and pattern placement. 
Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any other questions!