Stretch dress - Sew using Jersey! 3weeks


Vogue 8724

This will introduce you to how to read a commercial pattern. How to trace your size (which allows you to keep your pattern intact and used again for other sizes). Cutting out of fabric and garment construction. This is a great starter pattern if you have never used stretch fabric before.

Once you have made it once you will have a pattern to your size and you can make yourself many more! (Not to mention ones for all your friends who will admire it and want one of their own!)

When: Contact me and arrange a suitable time. 

What to bring: Pattern Vogue 8724 in your size range
Fabric: A 2 way stretch fabric

The back of the pattern envelope will tell you how much fabric/what type of fabric you require - if you are not sure how to read this please contact me and I can help.

Thread to match fabric.

Extra fabric may be needed to match design or for shrinkage. I recommend always pre-washing the fabric to allow for any shrinkage.

Body measurements required: Waist, hips, nape to back, waist to knee, upper arm. For help with measurements click here.